Saint Henry's - Watertown, WI
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Cemetery: Saint Henry's - Watertown, WI
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Image Map Name Date of Death
Adams, Frank J. 12/28/1964
Adams, Lois F. 05/06/1966
Adler, Augusta 02/22/1929
Adler, Gertrude 03/25/1928
Adler, Joseph 07/16/1949
Agasie, Barbara A.
Agasie, Roland Joseph 10/09/1975
Allerman, Gerda J. 08/18/2007
Allerman, Harold Frank 09/04/1987
Allerman, Linda
Alvarado, Mary Alice 06/10/1960
Amann, Andreas 00/00/1891
Amann, Anton 11/08/1926
Amann, Catharine 04/26/1904
Amann, Elizabeth 01/25/1953
Amann, George B. 11/15/1941
Amann, Henry 09/20/1936
Amann, Joseph Andrew 05/24/1973
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