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Cemetery: HRP-Holy Redeemer - Perry
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Image Map Name Date of Death
Baumann, Bertha C. 00/00/1952
Baumann, Francis X. 00/00/1988
Bilse, Alvie Robert P. 03/16/1915
Bilse, Mary 00/00/1953
Bilse, Robert 00/00/1940
Bilsie, Anna Klang 00/00/1989
Bilsie, Bernard S. 00/00/1977
Bilsie, Ganral M. (Rollie) 00/00/1973
Bilsie, Kathryn R. 00/00/1996
Boley, Charlene 00/00/0000
Boley, Donald 00/00/0000
Bowar, Kath M. 00/00/1861
Bowe, Louise 00/00/0000
Brokish, Infant 00/00/0000
Candor, Richard C. 00/00/1979
Carey, Gianna 10/00/2005
Carey, Lucia 04/09/2003
Disrud, Edward A. 00/00/1926
Doran, Barbara 06/22/1898
Dreger, Laura L. 00/00/0000