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Cemetery: St. Patrick - Loreto
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Image Map Name Date of Death
Alt, Alvina 07/20/1946
Alt, Henry M. 05/07/1996
Alt, Julia E. 03/30/2008
Alt, Norman 00/00/1995
Alt, Norman P. (Nicholas P. 02/05/1944
Barry, Arthur E. 10/16/1948
Barry, Frances M. 00/00/1969
Bauer, Anthony A. 08/28/1986
Bauer, George B. 04/08/1948
Bauer, Gusta 00/00/1932
Bauer, Henry R. 07/02/1978
Bauer, Joseph 11/29/1929
Bauer, Joseph W. 05/24/1926
Bauer, Ruby L. 04/07/1994
Bauer, Stella 01/24/1998
Beinisch, Victoria 00/00/1913
Benton, John W. 08/27/1971
Benton, Lawrence 00/00/1954
Benton, Leo M. 08/20/1985
Benton, Mary J. 08/11/1942