St. Patrick Parish - Calvary Cemetery - Hollandale, WI
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Cemetery: SPH- St.Patrick-Hollandale, WI
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Image Map Name Date of Death
Ammundson, Margaret Jean 03/00/1933
Amundsen, Marie 06/06/1946
Anderson, Doris 10/12/1993
Anderson, Otto 07/20/1993
Azzalino, Herman 11/03/1951
Azzalino, John H. 00/00/2014
Azzalino, Mary 05/06/1968
Azzalino, Viola M. 01/29/2008
Bohan, Anna (Anney) 01/24/1925
Bohan, Elizabeth 12/19/1928
Bohan, Francis 08/02/1907
Bohan, Frank 06/00/1938
Bohan, Katherine 04/06/1965
Bohan, Katie 00/00/1967
Bohan, Mary 11/30/1938
Bohan, Michael 02/17/1946
Bohan, William 05/15/1946
Boylan, Catherine 09/11/1909
Boylan, Eugene 07/06/1978
Boylan, James T. 09/04/1946