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Cemetery: CBV-Calvary (Blanchardville)
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Image Map Name Date of Death
Carter, Idain 00/00/0000
Carter, James 00/00/0000
Cassidy, Annie 00/00/1918
Cassidy, Felix 00/00/1918
Cassidy, Kelly 00/00/0000
Cathers, Jonas S. 08/10/1981
Cavanaugh, John 00/00/1949
Cavanaugh, Margaret Cleary 00/00/1950
Cavanaugh, Michael J. 00/00/1941
Cavanaugh, Peter M. 03/24/1915
Cavanaugh, Thomas 00/00/1951
Cleary, Anna 00/00/1923
Cleary, Elizabeth P. 00/00/1995
Cleary, Harry M. 02/06/1971
Cleary, Henrietta I. 01/10/1981
Cleary, Inez A. 03/02/1975
Cleary, James 00/00/0000
Cleary, James 05/02/1906
Cleary, John 07/28/1986
Cleary, Katherine 08/02/1960
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