Burials on the Web - Calvary Cemetery, Blanchardville, WI
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Cemetery: CBV-Calvary (Blanchardville)
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Image Map Name Date of Death
Anderson, Nancy J. 00/00/0000
Anderson, Ronald J. 02/26/2005
Ayen, Willard 02/18/1989
Bachelder, Mary Maloney 09/26/1968
Barge, Ida T. 00/00/1961
Bernet, Anna 00/00/1902
Bigger, Adolph A. 01/04/1966
Bigger, Lillian M. 11/15/1985
Bolender, Annie Marie 06/08/1961
Bolender, Mary 00/00/0000
Bolender, Oscar James 07/09/1956
Bolender, Unknown 00/00/0000
Brew, Thomas 00/00/1924
Brew, Unknown 00/00/0000
Brew, Unknown 00/00/0000
Burnes, Francis L. 00/00/1918
Burns, Kathryn 12/20/1980
Burns, Neill Patrick 10/16/1967
Burns, Thomas 02/17/1961
Caffey, Elizabeth M. 03/22/1960